The Self Confidence Program

Free yourself of anxiety blocks and self-doubt. Feel passionate and motivated to move forward with your life, knowing you are strong and capable.

Right now, you are worn out, anxious, depleted and uncertain how to move forward. It feels like you are trying to prove yourself in your career, your relationship, with your family and friends, and do everything the right way. You often worry if you are being valued for your work and efforts, and if you are doing a good enough job. Maybe you have put your own passions on hold because your energy and time is spread too thin or you wonder if you are “allowed” to have all that you want.

Whatever it is that’s holding you back needs to change. And, it needs to change now.

Imagine waking up every morning having joy, purpose and direction in your life, without any pressure to do things in the right way. You’ll make choices that are true for you, based on what you're passionate about and what you know you’re capable of.

With these changes, you’ll feel weightless, balanced and motivated. Best yet, you’ll be clear on what is right for you in every moment, and ready to confidently move forward in your life.

The Self Confidence Coaching Program can help get you to the point in which all that is possible.

As a result of this package, you will

  • Break free of anxiety blocks about being the “ideal partner/friend/daughter the right way”

  • Break free of old ideals and expectations that hold you back

  • Release negative thought patterns of self-doubt

  • Recognize your unique set of beliefs and values for your life

  • Feel confident in the abilities you have

  • Feel confident in your self-care, work, family and life balance

Here’s what’s included in the Self Confidence Coaching Program:

This package is a 16-week intensive therapy program which includes a pre-session activity, 8 bi-monthly 60-minute online therapy coaching sessions with me, and weekly post-session goals. You’ll also have unlimited email access to me throughout the program.


This pre-session activity will help us identify the top eight blocks that are in the way of being fulfilled and satisfied. It will remind you of the tools you have and expertise you bring to your life, family, relationships and career.


In the 60-minute therapy sessions, we’ll go over your top eight blocks identified in the pre-session, to help you break free of anxiety blocks, negative beliefs and self doubt, put unrealistic ideals and expectations to rest, and identify your unique set of beliefs and values for your life, relationships and career. It will also help remind you of the progress you have already made.


Each post-session will include customized tools, such as weekly goals and mindfulness exercises, associated with the particular topic we are working on. This will help you adjust your mindset, continue creating new belief systems, and releasing the present blocks for good.


You will have unlimited email access to me for any questions in-between sessions to help you process and acclimate to the new perspectives.

Let’s Get Started!

I know how important it is for you to have confidence, clarity and balance in your life, and I can help with that. Sign up today to start the work on freeing yourself of internal blocks and external pressures. Give yourself the opportunity to feel confident in all of your choices and ability to live your dream life.

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