The Anxiety Intensive Package

Free yourself of internal and external expectations and pressures. Feel confident and fulfilled with your life choices and direction.

You are anxious, overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated. It feels like you’re trying to prove yourself in your life, career, relationship and family, and do everything perfectly at all times. You often worry about how others perceive you and rely on everyone else’s opinions more than your own. Maybe you’re not pursuing your career passion because you second guess your choices or you’re not making other necessary changes in your life because you worry you are not worthy.

Whatever it is that’s holding you back needs to change. And, you need transformation now.

Imagine waking up every morning feeling fulfilled, inspired and having clear direction, without any pressure to do things in the right way. You make choices that are true for you, based on what you’re passionate about and what you know you’re capable of.

With these changes, you feel empowered, self-trusting and motivated. Best yet, you're clear on what is right for your path, while confidently living and breathing that life.

The Anxiety Intensive Package, a therapy experience, can help you get to the point in which all you desire is possible.

As a result of this package, you will

  • Break free of internal and external pressures to live life “the right way”

  • Recognize your unique set of beliefs and values for your life

  • Feel confident and trust the abilities you have

Here’s what’s included in the Anxiety Intensive Package:

This anxiety intensive experience includes one pre-session activity, three 60-minute online therapy sessions, and a follow up 30-minute session with me.


This pre-session activity will help you hone in on what internal and external pressures exist and what belief systems you have that are in your way of moving forward. It will also help remind you of the tools you have and expertise you bring to your life, family, relationships and career.


In the 60-minute therapy sessions, we will go over the information from the pre-session to help you break free of the negative belief systems, put external and internal pressures to rest, and help you identify your unique set of values and beliefs for your life.


In this 30-minute follow up session, we will check in on how you are acclimating to the new perspectives, discuss how things have changed, discuss additional blocks you have come up against and make recommendations for mindset adjustments.

Let’s Get Started!

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